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Charles is serving his fourth term in the Connecticut General Assembly, representing the 117th Assembly District comprised of portions of Orange, Milford and West Haven.
He is the ranking member of the Energy and Technology Committee. Charles also serves on the Appropriations and Veterans’ Affairs Committees.

Charles Ferraro Supports

  • Spending caps that lead to our healthy rainy day fund
  • Achieved improved storm response from electric companies
  • Blocked gasoline tax increase
  • Opposed state control of local zoning
  • Supported victims of domestic violence
  • Opposed the forced regionalization of schools.
  • Expanded the advanced manufacturing high school program.
  • Advocated for those with special needs
  • PUBLIC SAFTEY Support our Police, Reduce Juvenile Crime
  • TRANSPARENCY at all levels of government
  • PUBLIC’S RIGHT TO KNOW how Federal Aid is Being Spent
  • PARENT’S RIGHT TO KNOW what schools are teaching their children
  • LOWER TAXES NOW by taking advantage of bi-partisan Federal aid



Economic Development & Job Growth

If we are to fully recover from the economic damage done by bad policies enacted over the past twenty years made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic, we must make economic development to stimulate job growth our top priority.

We must reduce the cost of living and doing business in Connecticut by lowering sales, income and property taxes. We have already paid our Federal taxes that provide the funds allocated to improve our State’s infrastructure. Read More

Support or Defund our Police?

Slogans like “Defund the Police” may get national attention, but less money for our police is NOT a solution. Policing is a partnership between our residents and officers sworn to protect ALL of us. An elected official calling for the defunding of police departments is acting irresponsibly.

A safer Connecticut starts with a stronger Connecticut. It starts with an economy that can support jobs, build hope and create a path to success for young people.*

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Reduce Juvenile Crime

Rep. Ferraro said “Our juvenile justice system is not only failing the residents of Connecticut, but it is also failing the youths who are committing these crimes. We need to process to evaluate these juvenile offenders to see what services can be given to them or if a DCF referral is appropriate.”


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Economic Opportunity for Our Youth

Require the State Department of Education to partner with the Office of Apprenticeship Training to develop the Pipeline for Connecticut’s Future program as a pathway to obtaining occupational licenses for students in urban areas via an apprenticeship or partnership with local businesses.*

In today’s world, receiving a bachelor’s degree is no longer a guarantee to employment upon graduation. Overall, 43% of college graduates are underemployed in their first job. In addition, higher education is a path that is not for everyone. Instead of focusing only on college preparation in our high schools, we need to expand our approach in high school to show students that there is a future and there are good jobs even if you don't see college in your future. Read More


Connecticut's Tax Burden

We have one of the highest tax burdens in the nation. In Connecticut we have to work four weeks longer than the average American just to cover our tax bills! We need to work until May 21 – vs. April 23 on average (as reported by the Tax Foundation). Tax reduction proposals made to date don't do nearly enough to ease the impact of high taxes and our high cost of living. Doing business in Connecticut is still a challenge, our current tax policy still impedes economic growth. The new tax on trucks should be stopped. Rising shipping costs already contribute to inflation that impacts all of us. We don't need another tax increase! The substantial federal infrastructure aid will help improve our roads and bridges so this tax isn't needed.

Bipartisan Plan for Wind Power Bill Passes

“New England is often referred to as the Saudi Arabia of off-shore wind,” said Rep. Charles Ferraro of West Haven, the energy committee’s ranking House Republican.

“Connecticut is poised to be a hub of offshore wind. We have three deepwater ports with no bridge obstructions. New London has gotten the majority of the attention in the media, but New Haven and Bridgeport” can also benefit from the bill, he said.

Ferraro said the bipartisan bill was designed to the show the state’s commitment to investing in an emerging business. “We wanted to send a message out to the industry that Connecticut is in the business of offshore wind,” he said. HARTFORD COURANT | MAY 14, 2019.

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COVID-19 Relief Funds Distribution

In light of the Covid Relief Funds scandel that has rocked West Haven, on October 21, 2021 Republican leaders called for a legislative public hearing to review the distribution of federal COVID-19 relief funds.

We must have a system that prevents against the misuse of the funds in the first place, not one that acts only after an FBI investigation of alleged wrongdoing and the loss of over $600,000. Disturbingly, people in need in West Haven lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of relief. We cannot allow that to happen to another community in need, and therefore must act to protect these relief funds designed to help individuals, families, and communities hurting from the pandemic.”

“We are talking about funding that was intended to help the most vulnerable, to provide immediate aid to those struggling, to keep our communities safe and healthy, and to help people rebuild and recover. We need answers and full transparency from the Governor’s administration. We have a long road ahead to rebuild trust.” Read More